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Together Again

Together Again


Together Again is a sensitive and moving animated film that uses a metaphor of a sea voyage and a lighthouse to bring to life how Dementia UK’s Admiral Nurses help families reconnect with people with dementia.

Reaching out to those who are struggling
Dementia UK’s Admiral Nurses offer life-changing specialist support to people with dementia and their families. However, traditional outreach messaging was not achieving the reach that Dementia UK needed. A more impactful approach was required that would engage the audience’s emotions and demonstrate the practical techniques used by the Nurses to bring people together who’ve been separated by dementia.

Expectation-defying results
Using only social media with the sensitive and moving film at the heart of it, the campaign achieved 1.8M views with a CTR of 1.27% vs a target 0.02%. It created a 25% uplift in traffic to the Dementia UK website and a 75% uplift to Get Support pages.