Stop sailing the sea of sameness

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Yes, we understand. It’s comfortable to stick to the same tropes, the same styles, the same language, goodness, even the exact same words sometimes. But no-one stood out by saying exactly the same thing as everyone else.

It’s a heavily regulated industry, caution is understandable. But most of the advertising or brand building in the Asset Management sector ends up dead from a thousand cuts. The agency or in-house team comes up with a brilliantly distinctive idea and then everyone gets their hands on it. They tweak, tone down, add a sales tag and before you know it, you have a complete clone of every other Asset Management ad around.

This may feel safe but it’s eroding your brand. Three quarters of B2B advertising overall fails to drive growth because it’s just too fearful to stand out. And yet punchy, emotional, distinctive (there’s that word again) creative is 10 to 20 times more effective at driving sales than communications that play it safe.*


Sameness is commercial suicide however there is a sea of sameness out there and levels seem to be rising. Emotion, ‘fluent devices’* and commitment – we need this as much in Asset Managers as we do in breakfast cereal.


1. More emotions, more growth – the human brain tends to remember emotions and forget facts

2. More branding, more growth – leverage your ‘fluent’ devices

3. More commitment, more growth – invest in durable, repeatable creative platforms – Investment Professionals remember things seen a thousand times before, not one offs.

Asset Manager wanting to learn more about how to build brand and advertising effectiveness? Download the full 12 ½  Principles.

**Source: Three rules for more effective B2B marketing. Peter Weinberg and Jon Lombardo

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