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Secret Santa


Be a Secret Santa for a vulnerable child helped Action for Children turn a disadvantage into a strength to create their first Christmas fundraising campaign that could live on for years to come.

The challenge of cut through at Christmas
Some of the best and most effective fundraising work creates a connection between the audience and the beneficiaries of the charity. However, Action for Children’s safeguarding rules rightly prohibit using images of the vulnerable children they work with. So how could they cut through at Christmas with so many other causes competing for attention?

Be a Secret Santa for a vulnerable child turns the perceived disadvantage of no connection between the donor and vulnerable child into a strong reason to give.

A magical campaign with a lasting impact
At the centre of the campaign is a moving and magical animated film explaining that when you become a Secret Santa for a vulnerable child, they won’t know who donated but they will know that someone cared about them at this special time of year. This creates a truly meaningful reward for giving at Christmas. In addition to the film, we also developed outdoor advertising, social ads and a magical and engaging microsite.

The Secret Santa pilot far exceeded target expectations. Designed to own a part of Christmas and build on its existing Secret Santa supporter base year on year, it has now been running successfully for three years and recently passed £1m of income.