Private Equity: In a room full of experts, expertise isn't enough.

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Simple summary

Private Equity is thriving – But firms’ brands are undifferentiated – Messaging and content is inward-looking and unengaging - Presents opportunities for firms willing to invest in their brand – Arthur offer free brand consultation

The global Private Equity industry is the real deal. Values, volumes and fundraising have hit record levels. Investor demand is continuing to rise this year, particularly from institutions.

Add to that the sustainability story. Less than a third of global emissions come from publicly-listed assets. P.E. investments are seen as a powerful way to make a positive difference to climate change, as they can create change, quickly.

But with increased demand becomes increased competition – for investors, for companies to invest, and for the talent that will win the right deals and secure funds.

The strength of your brand is key. Supported by a clear positioning and a compelling value proposition. And brought to life by impactful creative, a distinctive tone of voice and engaging messages.

Unfit for purpose

We recently carried out a brand audit for the P.E. sector. Our discoveries raised issues, but also some real and substantial opportunities.
We found that:

  • Most P.E. brands are undifferentiated and confined to a logo, colours and generic imagery
  • Most try to talk to multiple audiences at the same time
  • All focus on their ‘expertise’, ‘experience’, ‘scale’ ‘partnership’, and ‘investing for growth’
  • Yet there are few ‘reasons to believe’ communicated through advertising and content
  • Content lacks a clear purpose and is long-form rather than bite-size
  • ESG is served up as a side dish rather than part of the brand narrative

The benefits of brand

So there’s plenty to fix. But there’s also an undeniable opportunity for P.E. firms willing to invest in their brand. Because the benefits are compelling:

  • Positioning the firm as desirable to do business with
  • Attracting acquisition targets
  • Giving an advantage in deal negotiations
  • Resonating with investors as a firm of choice within an area of expertise
  • Attracting talent who buy into what the business stands for

A powerfully simple solution

At Arthur, we build powerfully simple brands, with a clear point of difference in their sector and a single-minded narrative firmly evidenced across all touchpoints.

We’re offering Private Equity firms a free 30-minute debrief on the health of their brand, including a brand audit, competitor analysis and a bespoke presentation. No fee, no commitment.

To find out more, email our managing partner, Darren Lassiter at

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