• Sean Stephens

Tax Year End

This week, M&G’s Tax Year End was launched to remind ‘last-minute’ ISA investors to take advantage of the ISA allowance before the April 5th deadline.

In developing this season’s creative solution, Arthur recognised that in the current economic and political environment reassurance and clarity of investment approach was key. Investors needed to know that their provider was taking the right approach to maintaining and growing the value of their investments – whatever the short-term future may hold.

With the growing audience of inexperienced self-investors and increased pressure on asset managers to ensure investors are making informed investment decisions, it was imperative that the campaign messaging was simple, readable and educative. The creative idea focused on M&G’s tried and tested approach to investment; focusing on the long-term gain and the importance of a well-diversified portfolio.

The messaging encouraged readers to invest in funds with the potential to “Go the distance” and deliver healthy returns over the long term. The campaign also featured dynamic imagery of a triathlon competitor in all three stages of the race to reflect the expertise across the asset classes that M&G can offer its investors.