• Sean Stephens

British Heart Foundation launches major fundraising campaign

British Heart Foundation is the single biggest funder of cardiovascular research in the UK. To fund this research, it’s vital to continue to drive awareness of heart disease. 7 million people are affected by heart conditions every year.

As part of an integrated campaign, Arthur produced all of the Fundraising and Legacy communications, including TV, print and Social media. The campaign is to raise money to ‘stop heart disease tearing families apart’, and shares the same over-arching proposition with the brand activity; sudden devastation and the impact heart disease has on the family.

The Fundraising DRTV film focuses on Bronnach, who is still alive today thanks to BHF research. Bronnach suffered a huge heart attack after giving birth to her 3rd child when he was just 13 days old. It shows two perspectives from Bronnach and her mother, to show the devastating impact heart disease can have on families and the importance of BHF research.