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Join the rescue


We helped the RSPCA refocus their fundraising around their unique selling point: animal rescue.

The RSPCA is in a fiercely competitive market
Despite being the largest animal welfare charity in England and Wales, the RSPCA was losing ground to competitors who were marketing aggressively for growth. The RSPCA works across all areas of animal welfare – from rehabilitation and rehoming, to campaigning for animal rights. However, our insight showed that it was the RSPCA’s frontline rescue work that resonated most strongly with donors. Here the RSPCA was seen as a vital national service. Other organisations simply couldn’t compete.

A renewed focus on rescue
Join the Rescue is a platform fundraising idea that gives the cause renewed focus and urgency. It creates a clear and tangible role for the donor – inviting them to become part of the RSPCA teams who are on the ground rescuing animals every day. This is brought to life with bold creative focused on the incredible, life-saving work happening on the frontlines of animal rescue.

Record results
Since its inception in acquisition and the donor journey, we have seen sustained improvement in performance. CPAs are down, average gifts up and churn lowered.