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Home to Nature

RSPB: Home to Nature

The RSPB wanted to widen their supporter base by repositioning themselves from a bird protection charity to one that protects all of nature. Using an insight-led approach, we put nature in their audience’s own back gardens.

It all starts with the audience
We took an insight-led approach, running qualitative insight groups to understand the audience that the RSPB wanted to reach. Our key insight from these was that people saw nature as something that was ‘over there’, in the countryside or on TV. They didn’t see it as something that they were part of.

Bringing the message – and nature – home
Build a home for nature challenged the audience’s beliefs about nature. Through a brand TV ad, press and social media advertising, the campaign encouraged people to build homes for familiar species in their own gardens – allowing them to tailor content based on their specific gardens. Through exciting, relevant content, the audience was taken on a journey to becoming members of the RSPB.

The campaign exceeded expectations, driving 287,000 visits to the campaign microsite (47% above target) and a 15% conversion rate.