Arthur welcomes Fiona Pattison, a strategic supremo with a thirst for social justice

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With a wealth of experience, a passion for knowledge and a singular focus on doing the right thing, Fiona is a true planning powerhouse. We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome her aboard!

Fiona is upping the ante in our planning department. She comes with over 15 years’ experience in the Individual Giving market, from both organisation and agency side.

A global player in the fundraising world, Fiona has a track record at the leading edge of innovation, perhaps most notably launching mobile fundraising in the UK, US and Australia. But with charities under so much pressure, Fiona has decided that now is the time to get back into agency life.

So why Arthur? Well, in Fiona’s words: “Having freelanced with the team for a few months before joining permanently, I knew what a lovely bunch of people Arthur are, how supportive they are and how much they care about their work. I also knew I’d get to learn a lot from their incredibly experienced planners”.

And the feeling’s mutual. Having Fiona on board completes the planning puzzle. Her innovative take on Individual Giving complements our own, unique approach, which tackles fundraising through both a brand and fundraising lens.

Our continued hybrid working model means Fiona – a self-proclaimed ‘lockdown cliché’ – can continue to live her idyllic country life with her cat and dog on the South Coast. Although, as she herself admits, switching off isn’t easy: ‘As a planner I’m fascinated about what goes on in the world around us and how that influences how we behave. It’s not something that switches off at the end of the workday’.

Fiona’s passion for positive change has seen her mixing with the stars. In 2016 after Trump’s election win, she hopped across the pond to New York to run a fundraising telethon for the American Civil Liberties Union, where she met Tom Cruise and Maggie Gyllenhaal. And, through UNICEF UK Soccer Aid, she unknowingly crossed paths with Zinedine Zidane - not being into football, she had no idea who he was!

We can’t wait to see where Fiona’s ambition and enthusiasm will take us and our clients. As a thought leader in the third sector, she is regularly invited to speak at leading sector conferences, focusing in particular on how both innovation and diversity are critical for future prosperity.

So, if she’s not popping up in one of your meetings soon, then watch this space as we’ll soon be handing Fiona the mic. Not for the Agency’s latest karaoke night, but for her thoughts and ideas on the third sector.

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