Don't try it all at once

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We’ve come this far but don’t try and do it all at once. Gain more influence and status over time.

Find small wins. Help the sales teams produce better and more compelling narratives and put in place smarter lead generation campaigns which focus less on the product and more on the need.

Use the language. When people outside of marketing hear ‘brand advertising’ they don’t think commercial opportunity. Frame brand activity as DEMAND CREATION and sales activation as DEMAND CAPTURE*.

Focus on buying situations, does the product meet the situational need when applying the 3C’s? Are sales people speaking to the right people and are they promoting the investment solution in a the same language the Investment Professional would use? Are they selling the problem they solve and not the product they sell?

Gather insight. Use quantitative research, which is quick and cheaper then you think, to gain the proof points you need to shape internal discussions.

Use creativity to engage internally. Internal stakeholders have a big say on final work so be clear on who they are and use creativity to engage and involve – dry PowerPoint presentations will not cut it – live by the mantra ‘life is a pitch and then you buy’.

Play the long game. Amplify your quick wins within the organisation and as you start to show some success start to ask for incremental increases in your brand budget – remember brand building takes time, it does not happen overnight.


Be consistent, be creative, stay focused and have discipline.

Read the full 12 ½ principles for Brand and Advertising Effectiveness here.

*With thanks to Jon Lombardo and the podcast ‘That’s what I Call Marketing’ Conor Byrne

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