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Changing the development narrative in fundraising

SAVE THE CHILDREN: Changing the development narrative in fundraising

We are helping Save the Children’s fundraising to move past damaging stereotypes, while continuing to deliver exceptional results.

This DRTV ad focused on street children portrays people with agency. It was also Save the Children’s first successful advert not to lead on malnutrition.

Ditching the cliché
Decades of tired and formulaic fundraising have created a damaging stereotype of people in the developing world as mute, helpless victims with no agency and no ability to take control of their own future. Of course, this is simply not true. With the right support, people in developing nations are strong, capable agents for their own change – shaping their future and the future of their communities.

A gradual shift
Shifting the old narrative is well overdue. However, it requires nuance and sensitivity to avoid an equally unrealistic swing towards an overly idealised depiction of international development. Even more importantly, it is vital that this changing narrative continues to align with the donors’ own worldview. A too sudden shift risks losing relevancy and damaging fundraising performance.

Our successful pneumonia advert introduced the voice of the people on the ground for the first time.

Progressive creative with exceptional results
We have been helping Save the Children to tackle this challenge for many years. By taking an audience-led approach, we are realigning their DRTV to their new brand narrative – and have produced some of their best performing fundraising along the way.