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Centrepoint is the turning point


We helped Centrepoint develop a compelling platform fundraising idea that demonstrates that their work with homeless young people goes far beyond a bed for the night.

The challenge of audience perception
Research showed that the biggest barrier to supporting homelessness causes is the misconception that they can only ever offer a temporary solution and that people who are homeless inevitably end up back on the street. However, in the case of Centrepoint this is demonstrably untrue: an incredible 88% of homeless young people who enter Centrepoint move on to a job, education or their own home.

Bringing to life the transformative reality
Centrepoint is the turning point is a platform fundraising idea that challenges the audience’s false belief head on. It brings to life the profound impact of Centrepoint’s work – and gives the donor a clear role in helping determined young people turn their lives around.

Bold creative that subverts cliches
Bold, inspiring creative goes beyond the victim stereotyping of homeless young people. Instead, it positions them as they really are: vulnerable but with strength, ambition and courage in the face of overwhelming adversity. Since its introduction, Centrepoint is the turning point has increased fundraising performance wherever it has been used.