Illustration of an older man and woman sitting happy together.

Dementia UK

Together Again

Sadly, in the UK today, too many people are caring for loved ones with Dementia without the support they need. Dementia UK Admiral nurses provide that vital support. They help create precious moments when carers have the person they love back – happy, relaxed and themselves again. Dementia is a sensitive subject matter. Our challenge was to create engaging and powerful content that would also demonstrate practical examples of the role of Dementia UK’s Admiral nurses.

Using a powerful metaphor, we developed an animated film dramatising a profound moment of connection between a man and his wife who is living with dementia. In the film, we see the man travelling across an ocean, guided by an Admiral nurse back to his wife who is ‘lost in dementia’.

Facebook ads in situ on a mobile phone.

Using social media, the campaign created a 25% uplift in traffic to the Dementia UK website and a 75% uplift to the specific pages about accessing support.

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