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Five years ago, admiration for the RSPCA was not matched by the size of its donor file. Since then, Arthur has helped deliver a root-and-branch review of the RSPCA’s programme, bringing it back to sustainable growth. We refocused the brand on its unique role as the nation’s animal rescuer and developed a powerful platform idea for fundraising: Join the Rescue. Now, when a donor supports RSPCA in any way, they become part of the vital rescue team that is committed to saving animals from suffering.
We helped the RSPCA gain a far deeper understanding of their audience, both qualitatively and qualitatively. We used this to refocus their individual giving portfolio and identified opportunities for innovation. We are also proud to be helping the RSPCA write their strategy for long-term growth and supporting them with the innovation work streams that will enable it to happen.

This welcome film is sent to new supporters to deepen their connection with the cause.

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RSPCA Direct mail pack

New supporters are sent a welcome pack in the post. Featuring their “Rescuer Handbook”, it brings them closer to the people on the frontlines of animal rescue.

The journey continues with a series of engaging emails, which further enhance supporters’ connection with the RSPCA.

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