Boy sleeping rough on the streets.

Save the Children

Changing the Development Narrative in DRTV

Decades of tired and formulaic fundraising have created damaging and untrue stereotypes of people in developing countries as helpless victims with no ability to take control of their own future. We’re helping Save the Children to change this narrative in fundraising.
To ensure fundraising performance is not damaged, it is vital that this changing narrative continues to align with the donors’ own worldview. By taking an audience-led approach, we are not only realigning Save the Children’s DRTV to their new brand narrative – we’re also producing some of their best performing fundraising along the way.

This DRTV ad focused on street children portrays people with agency. It was also Save the Children’s first successful advert not to lead on malnutrition.

Our successful pneumonia advert introduced the voice of the people on the ground for the first time.

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