Teenage girl looking at camera, behind her is an orange circle which says: 'Make today into a turning point for a homeless young person.


Turning Point

It is too commonly believed that homelessness is cyclical. Many people believe that charities provide a temporary solution, but that homeless people inevitably end up back on the street. Not only is this a barrier to giving, it is also simply not true. 94% of the young people using Centrepoint services go on to a job, education or their own home.
'Centrepoint is the turning point' reflects the opportunity homeless young people have to turn their lives around when they arrive at Centrepoint. It also gives the donor a clear role: they are providing a turning point in the life of a homeless young person.
Centrepoint poster in situ at a bus stop.

Arthur is currently helping Centrepoint with strategic support and creative execution to achieve growth across all areas of their fundraising portfolio.

Cenrepoint envelope.
Centrepoint press ad in a newspaper.

This thank you film celebrates the inspiring transformations to young people's safety, self-worth, and future achievements made possible with the help of Centrepoint supporters.

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