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Breaking Point

Arthur has been working with Centrepoint for several years and we’ve achieved consistent fundraising growth during that time. However, the current cost-of-living crisis means that growth could be difficult to maintain. At the same time, Centrepoint’s vital youth homelessness services are busier than ever – so raising funds has never been more important.
Breaking Point, our Christmas 2022 fundraising campaign, ups the ante on messaging and maximises visual impact in order to create cut-through at this competitive time. With concern that audiences might be becoming fatigued by the number of crisis appeals over the last several years, this bold idea actually uses the successive struggles of recent times to create a compelling reason to give: having faced crisis after crisis, vulnerable and homeless young people are now reaching breaking point. Centrepoint’s work – and the people who support it - are essential to bring them back from the brink.
Centrepoint poster in situ at a bus stop.
Cenrepoint envelope.

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