Arthur welcomes Emma Shearer, international design superstar

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With 9 years working on re-brand and identity projects, Emma brings her unique eye and bucketloads of enthusiasm to everything she does. Her love of design has led her to some inspiring clients. And it’s Arthur’s own range of exciting clients that drew her to us, like a top talent moth to a creative communications flame. Well, lucky us. 

Emma arrives at Arthur with a wealth of experience. In her previous roles, she has helped develop Save the Children’s rebrand and Christmas campaigns. She’s spearheaded a new brand for Swiss NGO, Initiatives of Change. And she’s led a three-year brand campaign for the International Council of Nurses. If it’s a great cause or brand that needs great design, chances are Emma is up for the challenge! 

In making sure Arthur’s creative department has the best talent, we’re building a truly international team. Originally from Argentina, Emma now lives in Frankfurt. However, despite being the Carmen Sandiego of design, you’ll often find Emma at Arthur HQ in London where she comes for client meetings, co-working and teambuilding. And, of course, to indulge her love of musicals with a West End show! 

Emma starts every morning with her trusty ‘Mate’. No, she’s not just being friendly. Mate is a tea infusion from her home country of Argentina. Now, it reminds her of home. And at the end of the day, when she’s not perfecting her designs into the night, she loves nothing more than curling up with a good book (Austen, the Brontës or Heyer, thank you very much) or a sumptuous period drama.  

With Emma’s knowledge of print and digital design, advertising, lettering, typography, illustration, and social media, we are delighted to have Emma on board. In fact, you’ll probably have already seen her amazing work in your Inbox or on your doormat. Fuelled by ambition, creativity, pure talent, and Mate.  

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