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Brand assets, tone of voice and ad campaigns are just the start. Your customer experiences your brand in many more areas than just in front of a digital, print or TV ad. Arthur has established the 8 Factors that investors consider when deciding what makes a good asset management brand.


  1. Performance: Investment track record
  2. Scale: Capabilities, resources, products
  3. Innovation: New products to meet changing investor needs
  4. Commentary: Expertise and insight shared with investors
  5. Service: Customer support
  6. ESG: The environmental, social and governance of both products and business
  7. Expertise: Breadth and depth of individual manager experience
  8. Culture: How the company’s external values are reflected across the business


At Arthur, we've repeated this exercise over the last 15 years and some recent notable inclusions include ‘culture’ and the integration of ‘ESG’ with Investment Professionals looking behind the label to make sure everything matches up to claims within advertising and sales presentations.

Being realistic we know marketing teams can’t influence performance, innovation, scale, service or expertise but marketing can increase the impact of investment commentary, the promotion of culture and ESG and this will improve brand preference amongst professional investors and have a knock on effect in other areas.

Read the full 12 ½ principles for Brand and Advertising Effectiveness here.

* Source: Arthur London Research

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